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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Parade of Coops!

Mark your calendar for the Spring Parade of Coops this weekend!

Parade of Coops!
Sunday, April 26th 2009 2-5 pm

Welcome to the Parade of Coops! Explore some of the Twin Cities' finest coops and meet dozens of fans of those flocked and feathered.

Further Information: Peat W. 612 719 1988

If you are currently keeping chickens/poultry/livestock or would like to start, join our
TwinCitiesChickens listserve. It is closely controlled to prevent excess spam. It serves not only as an information forum but also as a social platform for poultry keepers in the Twin Cities Metro area as well as Duluth and Mankato.

There will be printed versions available at Coop "A" on Sunday, but get your transport logistics figured out now!

Coop "A": Peat Willcutt, Rocky Gordon, Phyllis Kahn, Leslie Ball, and family

115 W Island Ave
Minneapolis, MN

Coop "B": Aimee and Jeremy McAdams

3441 18th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Coop "C": Stephanie Oyen

2521 29th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Coop "D": Rebecca Miller

3145 Colfax Ave (Uptown)
Minneapolis, MN

Coop "E": Devin Quince
533 Sheridan Ave N
Minneapolis, MN

Coop "F": Michael, Emily, Grace, Ezra Scribner-O'Pray

2419 35th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Coop "G": Theresa Rooney
Garden Chicken at Birdnest Cottage
3510 37th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN

Get a head start by checking out the coops in last year's parade.


  1. I would SO love to see the coops but we'll be out of town. I'll look forward to next year's event! Maybe yours will be on it :-)

  2. I'm hoping to be in the tour next year!



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